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Envy&Co collaborates with Wola Nani to create Mineral by the Envy Collection

The Envy Collection is a design initiative whereby interior design consultancy Envy&Co collaborates with artisans, brands & artists in order to launch various products. Envy&Co is a boutique consultancy focused on retail, residential and commercial property developments, renovations and interiors. The company was established in 2016 by respected creative director Jaco Janse van Rensburg and accomplished ceramicist Kay Abrahams. 


As part Envy&Co’s social responsibility contribution, Jaco and Kay have collaborated pro bono with Wola Nani to create Mineral by the Envy Collection. This limited-edition range consists of 12 new paper maché bowl designs conceptualized by Envy&Co and interpreted by Wola Nani artisans.

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Wola Nani was established in1994 as a non-profit organization by Human Rights Activist Gary Lamont. The organization facilitates the generation of a sustainable weekly income for crafters living with HIV and Aids. Its board includes industry luminaries like art curator Marilyn Martin, former director of the South African National Gallery.

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Wola Nani crafters create the iconic recycled paper maché bowls that have become part of South Africa’s design legacy. Each item is handmade and signed by the artisan who made it, and the bowls are sold both locally and internationally. International sales constitute 70% of the income generated, while local sales make up 30% thereof.

For Mineral by the Envy Collection, Jaco and Kay focused on product innovation, which involved generating new shapes for bowls, as well as creating bespoke artwork for the end-papers that decorate the bowls. The resulting collection is enviable indeed!

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