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Jeanette Unite Exhibition in Johannesburg

We would like to introduce to you Jeannette Unite, who since the 1990’s has been exploring mining and extractive industries in her work. She travels to mining and industrial sites for samples, to research and photographically record evidence of the residual remains of power, industrialisation and neo-colonialism on the African landscape. She has created a vast archive of images as well as detritus and residual material recovered from mines, titanium and platinum slagheaps, historical sites, abandoned industrial sites and tailings from diamond, gold, titanium, diatomite, lead, chrome and platinum mines across South Africa.

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Jeanette Unite will be exhibiting her work at the following exhibitions in Johannesburg mentioned below: She has many more inspiring exhibitions coming up after September leading into 2016.

You may visit the following link to view Jeannette’s work. for more information.

3 – 30 September 2015

Jeannette Unite’s work is on display at Constitution Hill’s Between Democracies – East Europe and South Africa exhibition.

10-15 September 2015

Jeannette’s work will also be displayed at the Arts on Main in Maboneng until September 15 as part of Joburg Art Fair Fringe.