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It takes two!

Proving yet again that two creative minds are better than one, ceramicist Martine Jackson and fine artist Galia Gluckman have collaborated on a limited edition range that will be launched early this year.

Martine and Galia

Distinguished by striking organic shapes and intricately detailed transfer artwork, the new limited edition range of ceramics by “Martine and Galia Collaborate” boasts the best of both worlds: the creative expertise of an accomplished ceramic artist and the unmistakable signature of an award-winning fine artist. Seductively beautiful, each of the six lovingly hand-built pieces that makes up the edition is shaped using the coil method before it is embellished.

By melding their respective fields, ceramicist Martine Jackson and fine artist Galia Gluckman have forged a creative powerhouse. It is the first time the two have joined forces.

Martine, who graduated from the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2000, continues the creative lineage that dates back to her late grandfather, Morris Adler, a sculptor. She currently works in a ceramic studio established in 1978 by her late mother, Barbara Jackson, a well-established ceramicist who first introduced Martine to clay at the young age of five.

Galia, on the other hand, usually produces large-scale multi-faceted artworks in her medium of choice: pigment ink on cotton paper and collage. She has exhibited across the globe and her work is represented in many private and corporate collections in Australia, Dubai, Israel, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and USA.

In their new creative endeavour, both artists are evaluating equilibrium versus imbalance of modern day life and culture. Martine demonstrates her dynamic ability to balance the tension between the structure and forms inspired by nature. Galia juxtaposes precisely ordered lines with frenetic and randomly intersecting lines in an attempt to understand the transition from order to disorder and how life is either in balance or in tension.

The resulting objects are beguiling and modern. They boast svelte, sensuous forms that are amplified by their intriguing surface detailing that invites you to look and look again… If this first edition is anything to go by, we have just witnessed a marriage made in creative heaven. Here’s to happily ever after for Martine and Galia!

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