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Maui Jim Launches MauiPassport™ 2.0 Prescription Sunglasses

Updated. Enhanced. Improved.

Ten years ago, Maui Jim sunglasses revolutionised the prescription sunglass industry with the introduction of MauiPassport™ lens technology, which offered the widest field of vision with unrivalled distortion-free edge-to-edge clarity.

MauiPassport™ 2.0, the brand’s second-generation prescription sunglass lens technology, builds on from the much-loved MauiPassport™ technology to deliver an improved view that offers enhanced distance and peripheral vision. Combined with Maui Jim’s world-renowned PolarizedPlus2® lens technology – which blocks 100% of UV sun rays and eliminates harmful glare while enhancing colour, definition and depth perception – MauiPassport2.0 raises the bar and ushers in a new era in prescription sunglasses.

Maui Jim, Ebb and Flow

Revolutionary Upgrades

MauiPassport™ 2.0 is available in single and progressive lens options and delivers 66% wider distance vision than its predecessor, thanks to Maui Jim’s proprietary progression profile shape. This new-generation prescription lens technology, also features a reduced cylinder power which enables a 20% astigmatism reduction and better lateral image stability, so wearers experience a unique sensation of image stability while enjoying a panoramic distance visual field.  

It’s not hard to see why no other lens portfolio in the world rivals the engineering, technology, sophistication and uniqueness of MauiPassport™ 2.0 prescription sunglasses

Maui Jim, Ebb and Flow

Crafted to Perfection 

Maui Jim prescription sunglasses are crafted at the company’s precision robotic and fully automated optical laboratory in Peoria, Illinois, using exclusive digital lens design and cutting-edge direct surfacing technology.

MauiPassport™ 2.0 digital technology is six times more precise than conventional labs, enabling the Maui Jim to account for the unique aspects of each person’s prescription by adjusting the digital manufacturing to the precise measurements of each frame which results in a clear, edge-to-edge, distortion-free view.

Your Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim MauiPassport 2.0 is available in three different lens material options including MauiBrilliant, Maui Jim’s most advanced lens material that features optics nearly as clear as glass with just one-third of the weight;  Maui Evolution® and Polycarbonate, both of which feature scratch and shatter resistance while offering high optical clarity. Maui Jim MauiPassport 2.0 is also available in four lens colours (Neutral Grey, Maui Rose®, HCL® Bronze, and Maui HTGreen) including a variety of front lens treatments such as, a Bi-Gradient mirror, MauiGradient®, and three fashion mirror finishes, Blue Hawaii, MauiGreen and MauiSunrise (pink).

Ordering Maui Jim prescription sunglasses has never been easier with over 90% of the range available in prescription. So, how does it all happen? Once you’ve selected your frame style, your Maui Jim frames are sent across to the brand’s headquarters in Illinois, via your authorised Maui Jim Optometrist, where they are fitted with your personalised digital lenses. Upon processing,  your prescription sunglasses are shipped directly back to your optometrist who then hands you your new pair of MauiPassport™ 2.0 prescription sunglasses. All within seven days of ordering.

All Maui Jim sunglasses purchased from an authorised Maui Jim Dealer are warranted for two full years against any defect in materials and workmanship. All Maui Jim sunglass temples and nose pads have a lifetime warranty so long as the parts are available.


Widest, Clearest, Most Vivid Views 

“Ever dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect view, we at Maui Jim are committed to keep making the best sunglasses on the planet,” says Martine Larroque, Managing Director Middle East and Africa of Maui Jim® Sunglasses. “We are proud to introduce MauiPassport™ 2.0 lenses to prescription wearers, allowing them to discover the benefits of the industry’s widest, clearest, most vivid views, along with the ultimate protection from the sun, so they can see more of the world’s vibrant beauty.”