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Fermented foods are fast gaining ground as the latest foodie fad and health food wonder. Not only do they have an attractively tangy flavour profile, they’re also better for you than their unfermented counterparts. That’s because they’re cultured – and think live cultures, as in yoghurt, not an evening at the Opera!

Cultured foodstuffs contain live probiotic microbes that boost the immune system, aid digestion and unlock energy for the body. Cultured Drinks “are what you would call ‘functional’ foods,” says Alastair Burns, the Director of Probyo, a newly launched brand that has just released an all-natural range of three cultured drinks, which aim to promote general health and wellbeing.

The Probyo Digestive, Probyo Immune and Probyo Sports drinks all contain live probiotics, including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which encourage positive health benefits. The new range is affiliated with The Noakes Foundation. As part of this, R3 of every bottle of Probyo sold will go to the Foundation for their research and Eat Better South Africa campaign that seeks to promote better health in poorer communities. In addition, Probyo has committed to regularly donating a generous number of the drinks themselves to be distributed on the ground via The Noakes Foundation.

Professor Tim Noakes was the guest speaker at Probyo’s official launch party held in late June 2016, and commented that health education and good nutrition are key for enhancing physical and mental development.

Jayne Bullen, Manager of The Noakes Foundation, expands: “We are fascinated by the possibility of probiotics as a new frontier in modern medicine and have already started clinical trials. Whilst still anecdotal to some degree, there is early evidence that probiotics ingested regularly through a variety of fermented food and drink products or in capsule form could become the medicine of the future. We are thrilled to have identified a local product like Probyo that makes live probiotics so readily available.”

And with the new Probyo drinks range, all that is needed is just 15ml a day to harness all that live natural energy. The road to wellness just got shorter…

More about the individual Probyo drinks flavours:

Probyo Digestive, like the name suggests, aids in the body’s natural process of digestion. It is a lacto-fermented fruit juice, which is sugar-free and rich in live lactic acid bacteria, as well as un-locked and bio-available nutrients and microbial biogenics.

Probyo Immune packs an immune-boosting punch with a cultured blend of beneficial herb extracts including chamomile flowers, rose hips, olive leaf, elderberry, Ginseng and Astragalus.

Probyo Sports is the ideal product for an active lifestyle, providing superfoods that enhance the body’s natural energy supply. It contains a combination of well-known natural products such as honeybush, aronia berries, blackcurrant, cranberries, goji berries, beetroot, sour cherry, tumeric, cocoa, siberian ginseng, guarana and spirulina.

How can I get them?

Each 500ml bottle will last for approximately 4 weeks and a daily dose of 15ml costs about R4 per day. The 500ml bottle retails for ± R120 at Wellness Warehouse outlets nationwide and selected health shops. The drinks can also be bought online via

For more information, contact +27 (0) 21 865 2832 or visit