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The Rug Company: Sebastian Herkner new designs

The Rug Company will unveil its latest collaboration with award-winning German Designer Sebastian Herkner in Autumn 2018. Known for his outstanding talent as a product designer, Herkner is continually innovating with new avant-garde creations and famously combines new technologies with traditional craftsmanship to design contemporary furniture and objects.


The collection includes two designs: Mainland Light and Mainland Dark. The designs feature quadrilateral layers and structures which are inspired by the connections, junctions, overlaps, transits and free spaces within a city. Using a combination of handknotted silk and Tibetan wool, both designs feature four intersecting, intriguing textures in a range of pile heights, giving the rugs a three-dimensional effect.


Herkner says: “There is a sensitivity and clear identity to my collection. I was inspired by cityscapes and transported characteristics from various contexts to create these dramatic and unique designs.”

TRC_Sebastian Herkner Portrait

Herkner’s passion and respect for traditional materials and craftsmanship resonate in the creation of both designs which have been handknotted in Nepal by highly-skilled craftsmen using the most traditional weaving techniques for which The Rug Company is renowned.

Both rugs will be available in various sizes from The Rug Company’s showrooms , prices start from R44 420 (1.83m x 1.22m)