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Tidal By David Rockwell

Renowned architect David Rockwell has added to his collection for The Rug Company with an abstract design that takes its inspiration from nature.


“Tidal is a painterly and rich expression of natural light,” said David Rockwell, founder and President of Rockwell Group. “Inspired by how sunlight evokes emotion and shapes an environment, Tidal beautifully captures the shimmering reflection across the surface of a bay.”

The rug is hand knotted by The Rug Company’s highly skilled artisans in Nepal using fibre drawn from the bamboo plant, which has an appearance very similar to silk, but comes at a lower price.

A chunkier knot gives a wonderful texture to the rugs which, combined with the dappled lustre of the bamboo silk, lends itself to the tonal nature of Rockwell’s abstract design.

Tidal by David Rockwell is available in a number of sizes from The Rug Company showrooms, at price band 4.

Tidal by David Rockwell for The Rug Company Hand knotted bamboo silk 2.74×1.83m R 74 320 or R14 822/m2
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