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Winter is coming! Prepare against harsh elements with Plascon’s Micatex

Most South Africans don’t have to deal with extreme winter conditions like snow and blizzards, but that doesn’t mean that the colder temperatures don’t take a toll on our properties.


You’ll know that the harsh South African sun beats down on exteriors, fading that magnificent paint job — but have you thought about winter conditions like wind, rain and cold? Drastic variations in temperature, from hot to cold or vice versa, can cause surfaces, and the paint coating them, to expand and contract. If you don’t use high-quality, durable exterior paint, these fluctuations can even cause the paint to chip, crack or peel off.


Plascon’s iconic Micatex paint is a UV-resistant water-based coating enhanced with a unique combination of special-grade mica for stretch and marble for strength that provides its signature WeatherTough ProtectionTM. The paint film of Plascon Micatex is two times thicker than that of conventional paints, and 23% tougher than a leading competitor, making it an ideal choice for protecting exterior walls from the elements.02855 Plascon Micatex 20L 3D Packshot


South Africa has a diverse climate that requires diverse approaches to winter-proofing. Winter temperatures may reach freezing point at high altitudes, such as in cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Polokwane and Rustenburg, while coastal regions like KwaZulu-Natal have milder winter temperatures – although even that coastal province has areas that often see snowfall during winter, such as the Drakensberg. This is where Micatex’s renowned durability and long-lasting guarantee step in to save the day.


In the Western Cape, winter rain and wind are likely to be more concerning than the cold. Here, Micatex protects your exterior surfaces from breakdowns caused by these climatic conditions, as it improves the water resistance of walls to prevent dampness caused by constant rain. In 2021, Plascon added the Polycell Fine Crack Filler to the Micatex formula, giving it even more built-in toughness and protection. Thanks to this new formula, Micatex securely covers all hairline cracks which ultimately prevents damp on exterior walls.


In addition to this revolutionary improvement, Plascon also recently upped their original 13-year guarantee to a 15-year guarantee.


With Micatex, your walls will maintain that freshly painted appearance despite tough South African weather conditions and the wear-and-tear of everyday living — standing strong against many harsh seasons to come.