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Black Passage by Serge Alain Nitegeka

10 October – 14 November 2015

Serge Alain Nitegeka will present a new series of free-standing sculptures, painted wall panels and a major intervention within the Cape Town gallery for his fourth solo exhibition at STEVENSON.

Nitegeka’s sculptures are studies in contained disruption: each object presents a fractured landscape and a fragile subject within this landscape. The body that moves – and struggles – through these spaces is disorientated through formal means: lengths of wood twisted into tension with other components, a colour palette that confounds, historicizes and animates the surface planes. By amplifying the physical qualities of material itself, these works reimagine embodiment and experience as a series of formalist relationships of texture, colour and shape.

In the intervention planned for the gallery, Nitegeka seeks to activate the invisible political dimension of architectural space through radical ruptures. His intention is to direct the paths of viewers through fissures in walls which will allow for a reimagining of the predetermined white cube as a space of non-linear progression. These movements within the gallery that were previously impossible become an expression of the necessity to find alternative ways of moving through spaces associated with failure and the spatial disruptions in the aftermath of war and natural disaster.

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