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Building South Africa’s future | Plascon Professional 4-in-1 Textured Coat is a hardworking multitasker

Everyone likes a multitasker. And today, with tight timelines and even tighter budgets, products need to work as hard as possible, offer value-for-money and make tasks that much easier.

The new Plascon Professional 4-in-1 Textured Coat is just such an innovation. Developed specifically for the low-cost and affordable housing sector, it’s a versatile, flexible and high-quality paint designed to combat a host of building challenges while delivering a professional finish.

4-in-1 Textured Coat


Adequate housing and human settlements can significantly contribute to South Africa’s economic transformation efforts. According to the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF): “Government housing programmes are playing a substantial role in the provision of new housing stock at the lower end of the market. In 2019, 31% (2.04 million properties) of all residential properties were financed by government and 67% of properties valued under R300 000 were government subsidised properties.” The demand for supportive products from the construction industry is hugely apparent.

This need for suitable solutions has further been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has highlighted the need for safe and sufficient housing (with people living in close quarters under greater risk of infection). This has prompted further plans by government for a R139-billion investment in housing projects, many financed by private-sector partners. With such a great need for a multi-faceted solution in the low-cost housing sector, products like Plascon Professional 4-in-1 Textured Coat will play a vital role in achieving results.

The water-based product combines the functions of an acrylic sealer, primer, water repellent and topcoat in one. But not only that – Plascon Professional 4-in-1 Textured Coat has excellent adhesion and can be used on exterior and interior masonry surfaces, cement plaster, concrete porous brickwork, stonework, ash bricks, cement bricks or building blocks.

20L 4-in-1 Textured Coat


All these uses in only one product make it a no-brainer for trade professionals needing quick, reliable solutions for large-scale developments. And with only two coats required, it has a knock-on effect of saving on labour costs, too.

Plascon Professional 4-in-1 Textured Coat is available in 20L quantities, ideal for big construction projects, and its water- and alkali-resistant properties in standard colours and toughness make it longer lasting and more durable. Versatile not only on a practical level, but an aesthetic one too, it’s available in White, Pastel and Deep tint bases, as well as seven standard colours.

Plascon is proud to play a role in the upliftment of South Africa’s low-cost housing sector by beautifying the built environment and providing durable, effective solutions. As part of Plascon’s commitment to this larger goal, it offers training free of charge by qualified and registered Training Practitioners and Assessors.

Additionally, this training is provided in support of relieving the high unemployment rate in South Africa and is offered to Plascon contractors and their sub-contractors, including any persons from the community assigned to a respective project and part of its skills development programme. This is because Plascon has a deeply invested interest in upskilling the South African paint industry – not only for economic upliftment reasons, but because improving the skills of applicators results in better workmanship and improved outcomes.

Plascon training courses are customised to suit the project and include the importance of preparation, the substrate and related problems, application technique, product and tools being used. Verbal and practical assessments are conducted on site and Plascon Certificates of Competence are awarded to successful trainees. Training covers Plascon Professional 4-in-1 Textured Coat and all other Plascon products.

Plascon Trade guarantees apply for Plascon Professional 4-in-1 Textured Coat as per the ISO standards.

For more information on this product, ask a Plascon Specifier or Trade Sales Consultant for details or contact the Plascon Advisory Service on 0860 20 40 60. Visit