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The GH Mumm outdoor lounges at Shimmy Beach Club invite guests to an ultimate summer hang-out

GH Mumm GH Mumm

A new set of opulent GH Mumm Outdoor Lounges perfectly complements the glamorous nautical experience to be had at Shimmy Beach Club, an upmarket entertainment destination at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. Showcasing charming Catamaran-styled features, the lounges were designed for luxurious summer partying.

The GH Mumm lounges were commissioned by Pernod Ricard and created by brand experience experts NightVision, sister company to leading interiors firm Inhouse Brand Architects.

Thanks to creative input from Inhouse’s award-winning Creative Director, Aidan Hart, the GH Mumm lounges are more than just easy on the eye, boasting plenty of practical design elements. The outside frames can easily be disassembled and re-assembled – so that the lounges can be moved around quickly and easily – and consist of waterproof aluminum. Reconstructed plastic composite was used to create a sleek faux timber look for the floors with the benefit of being stain and rot resistant – an added bonus when being so close to the sea and the corrosive salt air.

The lounge “roof” consists of a stretched canopy, creating a yacht-like look, complemented by high-end yachting fabric used for the upholstery. The curtains feature striking GH Mumm branding were designed for privacy and to provide shade. At night, the lounges are subtly lit by a concealed LED lighting system.

The opulent GH Mumm brand is celebrated right through – from the crisp red and white corporate colours used, to the cork-shaped space on the interior. Each lounge features a custom-made, oversized cork table in the centre, beautifully displaying the branding.

While the GH Mumm lounges were specifically tailored to suit the brand and the location’s objectives, they are fully customizable for future projects and can be adapted to suit any form of branding.

For now, however, as the heat rises, there’s no hotter place to cool off!

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