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Kat Van Duinen Set To Relaunch Its Newly Revamped Woodstock-Based ‘Essentials’ Boutique

This spring, South African luxury fashion label Kat van Duinen will relaunch its original, recently renovated boutique, located at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town. The relaunch comes a month after the label opened its flagship boutique at the V&A Waterfront’s flourishing Silo District.

Founded in 2010, Kat van Duinen has established itself as a leading luxury label, known for its signature exotic leather pieces, as well as ready-to-wear collections underpinned by a minimalistic aesthetic, and accented by vibrant African influences.

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The label’s founder, Polish fashion designer Kat van Duinen, opened the boutique at The Old Biscuit Mill in 2011. She found this location both unassuming and unpretentious, and was attracted by its array of passionate business owners producing artisanal goods. Six years later, feeling that the store needed a fresher look, van Duinen enlisted the services of leading South African architect Ivan McCarthy Peens, who also designed the interior of the Silo District boutique.

The revamp will serve to distinguish the Woodstock-based boutique as the casual counterpart to the flagship store. While the latter showcases high-end luxury products, such as a new spring collection of evening wear, the former will feature Kat van Duinen’s ‘Essentials’ collection, comprising ready-to-wear luxury necessities and classic Kat van Duinen pieces.

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Over the next few months, and just in time for the spring and summer seasons, the ‘Essentials’ collection will include swimsuits, wrap dresses, linen tops and culottes, Kelly John Gough paintings and prints, an upcoming range of silk scarves, and a selection of nappa bags.

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with Ivan McCarthy Peens again,” says van Duinen. “His exquisite revamp of the Woodstock boutique is both an exciting and refreshing opportunity to showcase both sides of the Kat van Duinen label. We’re also happy to have a boutique solely dedicated to our ‘Essentials’ range, especially in a commercial space that, like the range itself, is both artisanal and casual at the same time.”