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Prioritise your baby’s wellbeing with a nursery painted in Plascon’s VOC-free air-purifying coatings

Decorating a room is always exciting, but nothing comes quite as close as the joy of decorating a nursery. But a precious new life also comes with great responsibility, including creating a nurturing environment for the latest member of the family. There are ways to ensure this becomes a reality – one of which is using eco-conscious coatings in your nursery.

Solvent-based paints traditionally contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that pose health risks, particularly to infants and young children because they are still developing, and process pollutants differently to adult bodies. Children and babies also have higher respiratory rates than adults, meaning they inhale more air and thus more VOCs. These VOCs, which are chemicals emitted from production processes and common household items, such as paint and cleaning materials, that accumulate in the air, can have short and long-term adverse health effects – particularly to newborns. If your baby is exposed to VOCs, they could suffer from respiratory complications or allergic reactions.

In response to this concern, Plascon is championing the use of eco-conscious paints that boast zero VOC formulas, ensuring a healthier indoor air quality for growing babies. But Plascon didn’t stop there. Not only has it removed VOCs from its premium products, it has further engineered Plascon Double Velvet Pure to remove one particular VOC called formaldehyde from the air too.


‘Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere rhetoric; it’s ingrained in everything we do,’ comments Retail and Digital Marketing Manager at Kansai Plascon, Jeetan Makan. ‘By promoting the use of eco-conscious paints in nurseries, we’re not only safeguarding the health of infants but also contributing to a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.’

Plascon Double Velvet Pure with Plascon’s signature Air Purifying Technology has the ability to actively improve the quality of indoor air by removing formaldehyde from it, making your baby’s nursery a healthier environment. A special compound in the formula removes and permanently transforms the formaldehyde in the air into undetectable, harmless water vapour which is safe for breathing.

Beyond the significance of the type of coating used in a baby nursery is the colour of the paints themselves and their effect on mental wellbeing. By using the energy in colour you can create a room that is not only lovely to look at but also lovely to live in, promoting peace, serenity and comfort. Interestingly, newborns don’t observe colours in the same way that adults do, so experts advise using high-contrast colours like black and white to encourage retinal development. Babies gradually begin to process more colours as they grow and can typically see the full colour spectrum by six months old. At that point parents can seek out sleep-inducing soft pastels and calming greens to create a serene nursery environment.


‘We believe every parent deserves peace of mind knowing they’re providing the best for their child,’ adds Makan. ‘By choosing eco-conscious paints like Plascon Double Velvet Pure for their baby’s nursery, combined with a consideration of colour psychology, parents can create a nurturing environment that promotes health, well-being, and sustainability.’

With Plascon, creating a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing nursery can be a reality.