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Showcasing SA’s most exquisite botanical art, Plant 2023 comes into bloom at Kirstenbosch this April!

Botanical art is experiencing a revival worldwide coinciding with an increasing interest and investment in saving the planet. PLANT 2023, presented by the Botanical Artists Association of South Africa (BAASA) takes this interest to
a new level by painting the eco-systems, pollinators, creatures and natural elements that interact with our beautiful floral kingdom and revealing an exquisite story, giving visitors an insight into a fascinating natural world.

Gwenda Caplan Kleinia fulgens

Gwenda Caplan Kleinia fulgens










Curator, Karen Stewart, will introduce renowned artists and exciting new talent to local and international visitors at the much anticipated exhibition at The Old Mutual Hall, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens from 14-25 April 2023. PLANT 2023 will attract art enthusiasts, nature lovers, horticulturists and garden enthusiasts and promises to ignite a passion in everyone for the natural world which we live in at the southern tip of Africa.

PLANT 2023 brings an exquisite and professionally curated showcase of the best South African botanical art depicting indigenous plants of Southern Africa.

Chris Lochner Protea repent

Chris Lochner Protea repens










Stewart says that it is fitting to hold the exhibition at Kirstenbosch, which forms part of the Cape Floral Kingdom, a UNESCO World Heritage Site to showcase so many of the indigenous plants that make up the renowned environment. Botanical art is beginning to gain popularity for investors and consumers who love to show these exquisite drawings and paintings in their homes. PLANT 2023 will offer a platform for visitors to meet artists and be exposed to this exciting world.

In the spirit of revival, like the Fire Lily after a burn, the exhibition will attract artists willing to take risks, push their boundaries, and flex their creative muscle to make some truly remarkable and unique works. Indigenous plants of Southern Africa include the richest, most diverse biomes on the planet, boasting many rare and varieties of species. These plants will find a showcase at Kirstenbosch in April. The exhibition will tell unique stores about each plant portrait.

Basia Swiel Vachellia xanthophloea

Basia Swiel Vachellia xanthophloea







The exhibition will highlight:
1. “The Mystical World of Plants” for larger scale botanical works.
2. “Macro Mysteries” for smaller works showing details of plants, pollinators and seeds.
3. A retail section for the selling of botanical cards, prints, art materials and botanically related products.

Entry into the exhibition is free, although entry to Kirstenbosch is charged. There will be an exciting programme of artist’s walks, demos, films and workshops to make the space one of enrichment, learning and fulfilment.

14 – 25 April 2023.
Old Mutual Hall, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Karen Stewart (curator)

All works will be on sale.
Entry to exhibition is free
Entry fee to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is payable