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Spier Light Art 2025: Call for proposals

Spier Light Art is set to illuminate the Stellenbosch wine farm for the seventh time next year, running from 21 March to 21 April 2025. Every year the choice of artworks reinforces just how innovative, bold and experimental South African artists are. Playful, provocative, reflective and engaging – each iteration of the event encourages viewers to contemplate what it means to live in this intriguing, diverse, complicated and hopeful nation on the southern tip of Africa.

Artists and designers (professionals, students, and institutions) are invited to submit expressions of interest for light art works and video art that engage all age groups. Light should be a central element and experiment and innovation are encouraged.


The project will completely or partially fund installations chosen by the selection committee, headed by curators Jay Pather and Vaughn Sadie. The selection is not confined to a theme, but artists may be prompted by the ethereal and the whimsical, artworks that speak to technology, issues affecting South Africa, resilience, enchantment and exuberance, and the working wine farm.

Categories of work may include:
Site-specific work (designed to be displayed in particular places on Spier Wine Farm)
Sculptural, object-based work
Interactive art
Digital works that foreground technology
Video art

Spier-173 Berco Wilsenach

The curatorial team will hold an online briefing on Monday, 27 May 2024, at 16:00. An on-site briefing will be held on Saturday, 8 June, at 10:30. If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to

Expressions of interest must include:
Artist/collective/studio biographies of all involved (200 words);
A short overview of the conceptual interests of the work, specifying which category the submission falls under (300 words);
A concise description of the work, including concept sketches (300 words);
A description of the use of light in the work (150 words);
A description of the audience interaction/engagement with the work, but ideally a video (150 words);
A provisional but realistic and well-considered budget indicating whether it is to be funded entirely or in part by the Spier Arts Trust; and
Web links to and/or images of the proposed work or, if not already developed, examples of previous work.

Email your expression of interest to the project manager at before 6 July 2024. A more thorough proposal may be requested after the shortlist is announced.


Visitors immersed themselves in a world of light, sound and video at the sixth edition of Spier Light Art, which took place between March and April 2024. More than 12,000 people interacted with the light, sound and video artworks exhibited across the farm. Playful, provocative, reflective and engaging, the installations transformed the working wine farm into an artistic hub buzzing with electricity.

For ideas on the type of work the Selection Committee is interested in featuring, please refer to last year’s programme.

The Stellenbosch community and national media consistently praise Spier Light Art for providing a safe and beautiful environment, where a diverse audience can celebrate contemporary art together.