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Walls and all | Willowlamp ventures into new interior territory

The Stream Wavw

Willowlamp is known primarily for its hanging lights – dramatic suspended creations that form the center point of a space. However, the lighting company also has a reputation for innovation and creativity, which dictates that it needs to evolve and explore new avenues of lighting – fresh ways to illuminate an interior and make a statement.

Creative director and founder Adam Hoets, in a bid to offer more variety for willowlamp’s design-loving clientele, has accordingly branched out from the signature willowlamp pendant into new territory, and introduced an exciting range of wall-mounted designs. These four stand-alone sconces provide homeowners with greater flexibility than ever before when planning their interior schemes.

The all-new wall-mounted lamps facilitate a new design dynamic between directional lighting, artworks and objet d’art, allowing for more exciting décor possibilities. willowlamp’s new wall-mounted designs are as follows:


StreamWave continues the clean, linear direction Hoets started exploring with an earlier suspended piece, the Lineal, back in 2019. This new wall-mounted piece plays with your perception – appearing to transform when viewed from different angles. Named for the way it evokes the feeling of movement, this striking new piece is illuminated by 20 LEDs and can be remodeled according to customer specifications.


The Stream Wavw

The Stream Wave




This elegant wall-sconce takes the form of a parabolic curved ‘half-pipe’. While this piece appears simple, in reality its fluid form is achieved by ensuring that every piece of chain is precision cut to the perfect length. Illuminated by 2x Gu7-Halogen or Gu7-LED lamps, it measures 470 x 220 x 610mm, making it a compact, but impactful addition to a space.

The Half Pipe

The Half Pipe


Quarter Pipe

A petite wall-sconce in the form a curved quarter pipe, this small but effective design creates the illusion of a solid form courtesy of its size and the chain placement – a pleasing play on the eye. Illuminated by 1 x G9 Halogen/LED bulb within handmade clear pyrex glass balls with OR by 1 x E27 vintage style LED bulb, it has elegant retro appeal that still feels current.


The Wall Pipe

The Quarter Pipe


The Langarm features a striking projecting arm reminiscent of a suspension bridge – a dramatic and architectural form enhanced by the use of red chain. Illuminated by 1 x G9 Halogen/LED bulb within a pyrex glass cylindrical diffuser, this piece makes a stylish and contemporary statement in a room, without needing a huge space in order to do it.


Lang Arm

Lang Arm

About Willowlamp:

Willowlamp is an award-winning South African lighting company. Founder Adam Hoets uses an original method that involves fixing ball chains to laser-cut steel frames. A tiny notch in the metal frame creates a chain curtain that is totally free from fasteners. The result is a vast range of intricate lighting designs, including lamps, pendants and chandeliers. Inspired by nature and sacred geometry, Hoets’ work includes masterpieces of both aesthetics and form. Today these works can be seen at a range of sites – including in retail, hospitatliy and commercial establishments.