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Whale-watching from your hotel room at The Plettenberg!

The Plettenberg in Plettenberg Bay offers unparalleled sites for whale-watching and invites visitors to enjoy unforgettable whale-watching experiences and learn more about these majestic sea animals. Visitors to the hotel are afforded the experience of watching whales from the comfort of their hotel rooms in the sea-facing suites.

Around 100 Southern Right Whales migrate to South African shores from the Antarctic to give birth and mate along the southern coast. This happens between June and November every year.

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The hotel is situated on a rocky headland in Plettenberg Bay along the famous Garden Route and is a haven for Southern Right, Humpback and Bryde’s whales. It’s important to note that excursions restrict viewing distances and time spent with each animal so that there is minimal interference and the whale is not disturbed. That being said, if you’re lucky, you can enjoy a spectacular display of breaching, tail and flipper slapping, sailing and spy hopping.

“It is important that we take steps to ensure the health and well-being of these creatures that grace our shores” says Jacqui Elliott, CEO of The Collection by Liz McGrath. “Not only do they bring joy to those who love whale-watching, but they are critical to the environment and need to be conserved.”


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