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Crewelwork Rugs

This collection explores a traditional embroidery technique which has been loved for centuries, hand stitched crewelwork. One of the earliest forms of decorative surface stitching, crewelwork is a type of crochet embroidery which lends itself to organic shapes and sinuous designs. The chain stitch creates subtle movement, which imbues any design with a fluidity and lightness.

The collection comprises two designs by Suzanne Sharp, Cypress and India, and two designs by Allegra Hicks, Atlantis and Reflections.

Suzanne Sharp has designed two classics inspired by her love of travelling and Mediterranean heritage. The diagonal geometric repeat is used to interlock more organic forms, which are brought to life by the superior way in which crewelwork can render curved shapes.

Allegra’s designs began as water colours, exploring the beauty of water movement and stillness. Atlantis is the movement: either a gentle rippling or wild ocean waves. Reflections is the stillness: glittering shards of light that reflect from a frozen lake surface.

These crewelwork rugs are hand woven by skilled artisans using the finest wool yarns. They are highly decorative and easy to use and are available from stock in a range of sizes.

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