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Ergoform’s 3D Acoustic Panels are making a noise! These innovative panels come in an array of popular patterns and cool colours and are an easy way to invigorate an office space. Apart from looking great, the panel’s primary function is to absorb sound waves – resulting in a far more precise sound quality. By reducing the speed at which sound pressure waves bounce around in a space, the acoustic panels allow for greater audibility and clarity of speech.

The visual stimulation paired with the enhanced acoustics that the panels provide makes for an ideal environment for business meetings, presentations, one-on-one discussions, or creative brainstorming. Be boardroom bold by choosing from a variety of patterns and colours that will transform your meeting space into a hub of effective communication. Not only will your office environment be transformed, Ergoform’s 3D Acoustic Panels are also easy on the natural environment; they are manufactured using PET Felt, which is made directly from recycled plastic bottles.

Priced between R600 and R900 per panel, Ergoform’s 3D Acoustic Panels are available to order from Ergoform in Cape Town on 021 461 2251 or Johannesburg on 011 262 0210.

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