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The Rug Company – David Rockwell’s New Designs

Renowned architect and long-standing collaborator with The Rug Company,David Rockwell has added three new designs to his collection of bold and contemporary rug designs. Moonlight Tidal,Lola and Misty represent a synergy of design and craft, the subdued, yet enigmatic designs accentuate the architect’s passion for nature, from which Rockwell draws much of his inspiration.

Moonlight Tidal is a new take on the original Tidal rug.Handcrafted in bamboo silk.its painterly and rich expression of natural light represent a shimmering reflection across the surface of a bay,renderedin cool andwarmgreys. Misty, also uses bamboo silk to depict a indigo blue ombre motif that fades to white at its edges.Reminiscent of    a watercolour brush stroke,the silky ink pile shimmers as thelight hits the threads.

The Rug Company - Misty

Lola was inspired by the glazed ceramic vessels that David and his daughter Lola decoratedin the studio of Montreal ceramic artist Pascale Girardin.Girardin used this same brushstroke approach to create hand-thrown sake vessels for Rockwell Group’s new Nobu Downtown restaurantin Lower Manhattan.The abstract rug composition expresses the same spontaneous movement and flow of brushstrokes that appear on the vessels.

Every one of our rugs is entirely handmade by The Rug Company’s Nepalese weavers.applying ancient techniques passed down through many generat ions. Using a silk like fibre drawn from the bamboo plant the weavers make a chunkier knot than average which gives a luxurious the texture to the rugs.This,combined with the dappled lustre of the bamboo silk,lends itself to the tonal nature of Rockwell’s abstract designs.

All new designs by David Rockwell are availableIn various sizes from The Rug Company showrooms,prices start from R30 340(1.83×1.22m)