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Mohair Design Showcase 2016 – #StudioMohair

Mohair South Africa (MSA) recently hosted its 2016 Mohair Design Showcase #StudioMohair at the Olive Studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.

A showcase of unique design installations, décor and contemporary fashion inspired by a diverse colour scheme and unique mix of textures and fabrication. Think glamour vintage combined with the 70’s; an era of creativity, liberation and rock ‘n roll.

Exhibits included an ottoman made from the selvage of Hinterveld blankets; a giant knit by Krafthaus using 100% kid Mohair tops; a rose quartz couch made from Mohair velvet velour; floating maroon velour cushions; and an embroidered turquoise scarab beetle.

#StudioMohair also included a MAXHOSA shawl by LADUMA (who uses Mohair yarn in his designs) similar to the one which has made the shortlist for the 2016 Most Beautiful Object in South Africa; garments from Armand Dicker, a former Mohair South Africa bursary student who made top four at the African Fashion International Fastrack; and a wedding dress by Milla Zagluvek who worked for Alexander McQueen and has started her own Made to Measure Luxury Label Milla Zagluvek London (which will be launching in South Africa in November 2016).

The exclusive qualities of this natural fibre have made Mohair a sought after product throughout the world. South Africa is the current global leader; producing some of the world’s best quality Mohair. #StudioMohair exhibited the characteristics of this beautiful fibre, (also known as the “Diamond fibre”), combining objects inspired by Mohair, as well as installations that incorporate the latest design trends with the versatile Mohair qualities.
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