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MONN – The look and feel of quality

Mark Williams

When renowned carpet-maker Pieter Nouwens launched MONN in 2012, he heralded a new era in quality carpet manufacturing. MONN introduced a superb collection of expertly crafted Wilton carpets and has since launched its innovative long-format MONN Planc carpet tile. The MONN brand – which is a family-oriented acronym for the names of Pieters’ sons, Marcus, Oscar and Nicholas Nouwens – encapsulates the skills, talents, experience and sterling reputation of five generations of carpet-makers.

Now, MONN is advancing yet again. 2016 sees the introduction of a brand new range: the highly textured MONN Bureau is a structured loop-pile, loose-lay carpet tile. The square modules are available in four colourways and have a dynamic linear motif, which allows for a variety of different laying patterns for a contemporary look. MONN Bureau’s dimensions are also compatible with MONN Planc and when used together provide endless design possibilities.

Mark Williams

“There is a certain thrill in creating a new product that you can be proud of,” says Pieter. “It is something that drives us to continue to innovate.”

In addition, MONN is also launching MONN Axminster, which sees the integration of the Nouwens family’s expertise in on-demand bespoke broadloom weaving and carpet design into the brand’s existing, ready-made offering.

monn-axminster-range-4Mark Williams

Thanks to years of perfecting the weaving process, combined with innovative thinking and technology, MONN’s bespoke design capabilities allow clients to fully personalize their carpeting. No matter where the inspiration comes from – be it the intricacies of fractal patterns found in natural stone, the organic shapes of foliage, or even stark urban graphics or geometrics – MONN can translate it into a beautifully crafted, quality carpet.

The experienced MONN Axminster design team works closely with clients to develop a creative concept into a full-fledged carpet design that seamlessly marries the floor finish with architectural interiors. MONN Axminster’s design and weaving technology can create perfect pattern matches as well as single infinite designs with incredible precision and detail, down to a single tuft.

The MONN in-house yarn dyeing plant allows Axminster clients to select a palette of up to eight colours from the spectrum of more than 600 standard colours. In addition, MONN Axminster can perfectly match a custom hue to suit a specific decor scheme, adding an exclusive finishing touch to any hotel, casino, restaurant, corporate office or luxurious home’s interior.

Mark Williams

For all its ranges and services, MONN ensures quality throughout every step of the carpet-making process. By selecting the perfect blend of pure new wool, carding and spinning their own yarns and dyeing onsite, they ensure the integrity of the materials that make up the carpet.

For Pieter, quality is a non-negotiable: “I believe that quality is critical and to achieve it integrity needs to permeate every aspect of the business. That is why we invest in good raw materials, good machinery that keeps pace with the latest technology and expert people.”

This commitment and passion makes each MONN carpet the ultimate expression of expert craftsmanship and creativity.

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