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South Africa’s Most Celebrated Steakhouse, The Butcher Shop & Grill, Gives Its Sandton Outlet a Modern Makeover

Inhouse Brand Architects was commissioned by owners Dani and Alan Pick to redesign the interiors of the original Butcher Shop & Grill, situated on Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, Johannesburg, after the team successfully designed the interiors of the restaurant’s first Cape Town branch.

The Sandton refurbishment was carried out by Inhouse’s Gauteng office. Director, Lawrence Holmes, Creative Director, Aidan Hart, and Associate Director, Cara Masureik, led the project. Their solution for Sandton marries the traditional feel of the Sandton branch with the modern aesthetic of the Cape Town outlet. Inhouse was asked to replace the existing interiors with more modern elements mixed with handcrafted pieces and to create a new open-plan environment.

Butcher Shop & Grill, Sandton 13

The original ‘glass-box’ area of the restaurant was given an overhaul, while the rest of the restaurant will be completed in a phase-by-phase approach in 2016. This allows the restaurant to continue to trade without having to disappoint customers and shut completely during the refurbishment.

The newly redesigned area displays elements that reflect The Butcher Shop & Grill brand. The floors, which are laid with timber-patterned porcelain tiles, and the columns, which carry green glazed metro tile cladding, are noticeable design elements. Marbled walls, brass detailing, steel, Kiaat timber and mottled glass are all evident features. Deep-buttoned leather booth seating was installed and contributes to the classic feel of the restaurant – a look that customers have to come to know and expect.

Butcher Shop & Grill, Sandton 2

Inhouse replaced hanging pendant lights with soft dimmable track lighting and recessed low-level lighting. This illuminates the newly crafted joinery elements and washes light over the pathways. Another standout element of the design is the fully glazed glass exterior walling, which brings the light and life of Nelson Mandela Square into the dining space. Views onto the square perfectly complement the “contemporary classic” interiors given to the restaurant by Inhouse.

Materials, finishes and furniture elements from the Cape Town branch have been brought through to cohesively tie the aesthetics of the two restaurants together. However, the spatial layouts of the two restaurants read differently, with The Butcher Shop & Grill in Sandton boasting a fabulous new ‘bar-come single’s’ dining experience. This is due to the functionality of its new bar, which doubles up as a singles’ dining counter. Solo customers can casually sit down to a meal while enjoying a drink at the bar, without the formality of securing a table. Inhouse achieved this unique ‘bar-come single’s’ dining area by introducing raised platform levels into the open-plan space.

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The restaurant’s renowned “mascot”, a life-size taxidermy statue of a Bonsmara Bull (similar to the Nguni Bull on display in the Cape Town restaurant), was moved from its traditional position, and is now suspended between two columns and sits on floating glass above the reception desk. This creature stands quietly, surveying its kingdom and watching over delighted patrons.

These customers can now find themselves enjoying one of the restaurant’s famous steaks in a light-filled, stylish open-plan environment. The newly refurbished interiors honour The Butcher Shop & Grill brand by creating a fresh atmosphere that builds on the heritage that customers have always loved. This newly updated South African classic is a definite choice this season!

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