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Plascon now offers an incredible 15-year guarantee on its iconic Micatex

The trusted and proven duo of mica for stretch and marble for strength has made Plascon Micatex South Africa’s favourite exterior paint choice for decades. Due to its strength and reliability, Plascon Micatex has been specified by leading architects and proudly South African for over 40 years, making it the default choice in exterior protection.

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The addition of Polycell Fine Crack Filler earlier in 2021 means that Micatex’s formulation now has even more built-in toughness and protection. Polycell Fine Crack Filler’s formulation has been enhanced for exterior and interior use. By securely covering all hairline cracks, Plascon Micatex prevents damp – a very common problem on exterior walls – by retarding water seepage.

And now, as we’re about to enter 2022, the wonder product is offering an astounding 15-year guarantee on its toughness. This remarkable extension of the previous 12-year guarantee shows that Plascon is not shy to stand behind its uniquely formulated coatings.

“We believe in innovation for the sake of our customers,” says Plascon’s Head of Marketing, Suvasin Moodley. “There’s a reason Micatex is a legend in the industry,” he continues, “and because this hard-working product really does stand the test of time, we have no qualms about extending the guarantee to provide unrivalled peace of mind for property owners.”

Plascon Micatex with Polycell derives its WeatherTough Protection TM from the unique combination of special grades of mica and marble. Tests have shown that the paint film of Plascon Micatex is two times thicker than conventional paints and 23% tougher than a leading competitor. This makes Plascon Micatex with Polycell the unrivalled leader in delivering the strength and durability needed to protect your exterior walls from both the harsh South African weather conditions and the wear-and-tear of everyday living – a welcome silver lining indeed.

20L Micatex 15yr Guarantee Render

In addition, keeping exterior walls clean and looking newer for longer (a necessity in periods when budgets are tight and value is essential) has been made easier –Plascon Micatex with Polycell has very low dirt pick-up ensuring that dirt and dust washes off easily.

Made in South Africa, inspired by the strength of South Africans, Plascon Micatex with Polycell Fine Crack Filler and its new 15-year guarantee make it the go-to solution for exteriors.