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Plascon’s Spring 2021 colour palette ignites the hope of new beginnings

With Spring upon us, the air is filled with the hope of warmer days, blossoming buds and the refreshing promise of new beginnings. Plascon has captured this feeling of optimism and created a colour palette to inspire and soothe as we embrace this season of fresh starts.

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Plascon’s latest colour palette, entitled Endless Hope, is reminiscent of a cool breeze gently caressing your face. Endless Hope creates an ethereal feeling with soft pastel and neutral colours. The versatility of the palette will allow you to create several soothing, non-confrontational combinations that will inject a sense of freshness and lightness into your home during this change of season.

Add a calm and refreshing quality to your home and harness the new growth of Spring with the muted green shade of Plascon Powdered Fern (G5-C2-2). Bring a bouncing and effervescent energy to any space with the lively coral hue of Plascon Sandpaper (O3-A2-1). Ground these joyful pastels with the neutral tones of celestial Plascon Stardust (B5-C2-2) and sandy Plascon Light Stone (EC 68 ) – the latter brings added versatility in that it is suited for any interior or exterior space.

Anchoring the ethereal hues of the palette is Plascon Addo Skin (EC 59), a deep impactful colour with dark green and grey tones. Whichever combination you create, your home will become a calming space of hope, renewal and ethereal joy.

The colours of the Endless Hope palette can be tinted in Plascon Double Velvet Pure – Plascon’s advanced coating with ground-breaking, air-purifying technology that neutralises the harmful effects of formaldehyde emitted from fabrics, engineered woods and furniture in your home. This means that not only will you feel refreshed by gazing at the hopeful colours, but you’ll be breathing an improved quality of air.

For free advice on how to use the Endless Hope palette, or any other Plascon colours, please contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: