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School for vulnerable children with disabilities receives much-needed makeover

Elizabeth Conradie School recently received a much-needed renovation to parts of its hostel interiors, courtesy of Plascon in partnership with Build It Vermeulens. The school walls were rejuvenated using a range of Plascon products that are designed to last longer , meaning that Elizabeth Conradie School won’t need to do paint maintenance for many years to come.

Located in the Northern Cape, Elizabeth Conradie School for vulnerable children with disabilities was the first of many to receive aid as part of Plascon’s far-reaching programme to uplift deserving schools across the country. To identify these schools,  Kansai Plascon issued a nationwide call in 2020, asking for schools in need to apply for paint donations to transform their learning environments.


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Says Judy du Plessis, owner of Build It Vermeulens: “75% of the Elizabeth Conradie School learners are from families that cannot afford to pay school fees. Learners staying in the hostel and attending the school have been placed in the school due to the fact that they have a form of disability. These are vulnerable children who are either autistic or in wheelchairs. The parents in most cases cannot afford to care for a child with a disability.”

In South Africa, the majority of children still live in the poorest of conditions in rural areas and in growing townships outlying the major cities. The financial pressures faced by their families are exacerbated by the need to try and provide their children with quality education. With the struggle to meet the most basic of needs in these homes, it is understandable that many school-going children find it hard to keep their passion for learning alive.

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Research has shown that learning in a pleasant and welcoming environment can boost the emotional psyche of the learner in a positive way. This research has directly influenced Plascon to play a role in the rejuvenation of school environments through paint donations, providing a more stimulating and inspiring atmosphere for learners.

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“Over the years, education has become a primary focus at Plascon,” says Suvasin Moodley, Head of Decorative Marketing at Plascon, “as it complements the business’s core values. Plascon holds the belief that education equals empowerment and that empowered people will be those who drive the nation forward, especially in this day and age.”

Plascon believes in creating social change built on a solid foundation of education and will continue to support the education sector in 2021 by pledging paint donations to deserving schools around the country.