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Willowlamp: Hand-crafted Illumination Inspired by Nature’s Beauty

CUSTOM-SPI-NEB-1500-Smoke-1Created by willowlamp, the Spiral Nebula chandelier is a striking example of the beauty and versatility of the design studio’s patented ball-chain notch system. The ball-chain curtain cascades in spirals from the ceiling in a design inspired by nature’s most beautiful organic forms. The Spiral Nebula forms part of willowlamp’s Nebula Art collection, which combines precise technical craftsmanship with progressive design flair.

A willowlamp is timeless yet functional and brings light and life to any environment. The chandelier uses G4 halogen and LED lighting systems to emit a gentle glow from the dramatic drop. The length can be adjusted to your unique site conditions. The ball-chain is available in standard colours: smoke, copper, brass, rust, red, white and black, or the Pantone colour of your choice.

_SPI-NEB-1000-Copper-4willowlamp was established in 2005 and is led by Adam Hoets, Cape Town’s leading lighting designer whose passion for all things beautiful infuses every willowlamp creation.

When you invest in a willowlamp, it will be a true investment in style, creativity and individual expression. Visit for more details.