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Carrol Boyes Wines Collection

Lovers of renowned gifting and homeware label Carrol Boyes will know that over the years the brand has come to encompass far more than the distinctive tableware for which it first became so highly revered. As a designer and artist Carrol Boyes’ creative vision expanded, and as her work became more and more widely known, so too did her ever-growing repertoire of designer pieces.

Today, the Carrol Boyes range spans over 1000 pieces of handcrafted functional art. The range includes not only the aforementioned cutlery in pewter and stainless steel, but also porcelain crockery, glassware, furniture accessories such as scatter cushions, and even, leather handbags and jewellery. Yet another welcome addition to the Carrol Boyes family has been the introduction of Carrol Boyes Wines, a natural extension of the Carrol Boyes way of life.


Carrol Boyes Wines offers an award-winning collection of fine wines that bear bespoke Carrol Boyes labelling. The wines embody the Carrol Boyes lifestyle and are created jointly by the renowned South African designer, and her brother, John Boyes, together with his business partner, Neels Barnardt, both of Barnardt Boyes. In the same way, as Carrol designs and manufactures distinctive functional art pieces for the home, so Barnardt Boyes turns ancient soils and fair climates into sumptuous wines with a rich sensory appeal.

Carrol Boyes Wines came about when John and Neels first began developing their fine wine cultivars. At this stage, John approached Carrol to collaborate on a brand extension because he felt strongly that this South African wine collection needed a series of labels designed by the iconic brand that would also embody the spirit of the wines he was wanting to make. Hence the Carrol Boyes Wines collection was conceived.


The signature label designs that Carrol has created for the bottles – each containing a notable wine – truly set these collectable vintages apart. In essence, Carrol Boyes Wines is a superb pairing of Carrol’s art with the art of winemaking, a creative endeavour which combines science and modern technology but honours a heritage of more than 350 years. Barnardt Boyes’ resident winemaker Hendrik Snyman puts his considerable talents to work in creating the wines and has been the recipient of a number of awards.

Carrol Boyes Wines are a logical fit for the homeware range in other ways, too, in that the Carrol Boyes stores and e-commerce site carry a range of exquisite wine coolers and wine glasses that are the perfect accompaniment for the wines. Naturally, a vintage from Carrol Boyes Wines is best enjoyed when served in one of these beautiful vessels, surrounded by friends and family, and in the pursuit of one of life’s most simple pleasures…

Carrol Boyes Wines are available online via and at the dedicated Carrol Boyes store in Somerset West.

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