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EXHIBITUS – An Exhibition of New Work by Lucie de Moyencourt

EXHIBITUS is the second solo exhibition by Cape Town artist Lucie de Moyencourt. Self-taught, this show pays homage to her informal and idiosyncratic art-training. De Moyencourt’s work was developed through the art of observation in her daily life, as well as by being exposed to European art from a young age through visits to her family in France.

In this show, Lucie takes us with her on a recent Summer trip to Europe. Her ink drawings are her diary and act as an itinerary of her travels. We are given access to the great Museums and Galleries of Europe through her paintings and we gain insight into which works the artist herself is drawn to. Lucie not only pays attention to the works displayed in these famous collections; she shifts her gaze to observe the way visitors in galleries interact with the works on the wall. The show acts as more than just a recording of gallery visits – it also highlights the tension between art history and technology, the image and the making of the image and ultimately the masterpiece and the mundane.

Dates: The exhibition will run until the 31st October
Venue: The Voorkamer Gallery at Chandler House, 53 Church Street, Cape Town.

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