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OKHA has a new Side Table Collection!


The LEAN side table is a simple interlocking construction of three elements. The two vertical and diametrically opposing elements of the timber base slot into one another, each supporting the other; each unable to stand without the other. The circular top, which can be of glass, stone, brass, is a at disc that sits in a recess provided by the timber base. The beauty of the table lies in its simplicity, in the reliance and relationship of one form upon another to create the whole.


It is an assembly of simple elements, a visual haiku, the fewest amount of syllables expressing the maximum emotion possible.

Available in a range of timbers and with options of glass, stone or timber tops, the LEAN side table is a succinct expression of the relationship between form and material.




“Nature provides us with expressions of beauty beyond our own creation, this is the essence and function of the Magni co table.”


The MAGNIFICO collection of tables focus on the beauty of natural materials and their inherent unique qualities. The material palette is raw, yet sumptuous, the materials express themselves with complete clarity.



“I wanted to create the simplest table I could, going through a complex process to achieve this. This meant relying on my selection of materials as well as the way light and shadow impact on form.” – Adam Court

RATIONAL uses four planes of mild steel, which speak of absolute reductionism, of pragmatic form and the RATIONAL.


Design is an emotional medium, we feel when design is right, it’s a sense. Good design should affect someone emotionally and intellectually as well as being a practical, functioning, well- conceived product. 



IRRATIONAL is the same four at planes, the same dimensions, the same composition but due to the methodical negative space that brings to mind the industrial processes of Prouvé; Irrational takes on a completely di erent persona.


The table plays on light, with the concept of maximum / minimum, simple and complex. The reduction in material makes us consider ever more so the question of what are our minimum requirements, how can we be more lean, more economic in all that we use and how we create.



Asculpted timber block in the tradition of Brâncusi which in turn takes us back to ancient cultures of Africa, ofa graphic, geometric language that is evident in tribal art and sculpture.


The heavily wire-brushed larch timber is stained to a carbon black nish and contrasts with the beaten brass or copper. The timber base of FRAGMENT is juxtaposed with the simple, at disc top.

We place great emphasis on poise, attitude and the inherent language of natural and noble materials. 



The name DELTA is taken from triangular form of the lower section of the table. Delta communicates strong geometrics that oppose and co-exist.


As with many OKHA products, the range of materials is kept narrow and is grounded in a selection of natural nishes, in this case larch timber, marble and granite with the option of glass or metal triangle sections. 

The forms are clearly de ned, outlined and delineated. The structure is robust.