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Q & A with Morpheus Commerce founder Gary Durbach


What application does your technology have outside of the Clover environment? How could it be adapted elsewhere?

It can be adapted to any business that has a mobile workforce. Cleaning companies can use it to let their cleaners know where to go, what to do and monitor it all in real time. Car rental companies can use it when surveying a c to mark any damaged spots etc. All the information would then be shared in real time and no more wasted discarded paper. It really has unlimited use as the world is all going mobile.

What for you, is the real value of your technology?

Real time monitoring, enhanced efficiency and actionable insights.

Please tell us a bit about yourself, other projects in the tech industry and what you did before Morpheus Commerce.

 I lived overseas for 19 years. Some in New York, some in Canada and I even lived on a Caribbean Island. I have always been involved in Technology but did take 4 years off to work in Real Estate i.e. buying a house, renovating it and then trying to sell at a profit. I lost most of my money though (be careful of property!) so came back to Technology and started Morpheus Commerce.

Please tell us more about Morpheus commerce – how many staff do you employee, how many years have you been in existence, what is your goal?

We have been in business for close to 6 years now. The name comes from the movie “The Matrix” as I am a big fam and have seen them all about 13 times. Morpheus is all powerful and can do anything!!! We have a small but powerful staff compliment. My goal is to turn technology on its head as the world has changed and it’s all about agility now and much larger enterprise platforms such as SAP can’t adapt quickly enough or give companies the attention they need at a reasonable price.


Do you think geo-location is morally/socially acceptable when it comes to “policing” reps – is there any legislation or legal precedent which covers this area?

The word policing is definitely negative and not what we do. I do believe that employers do have the right to know (during office hours) where their employees are and what they are doing. This applies when you are in the office, why should it not apply when you are not in the office? 

What is the flipside or downside, and what are the benefits?

The benefits are unlimited. Some include decreased costs, enhanced efficiencies, more revenue and actionable insights. Having a mobile device in employees’ hands is opening up unlimited opportunities and potential.

What are your plans to improve on what you have already delivered?

We are constantly iterating ad Making Morpheus better. We spend a lot of time understanding how our customers use our Apps and how we can improve. We have just completed “Morpheus Chat” which allows reps to communicate in real time and see what each is doing. A real game changer!!! We have also just released an Asset Tracking module so you can track assets in real time. We live and breathe our Apps and software. And in the Matrix, anything is possible.