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Whether it’s a wine cellar or a doctors’ rooms you’re making safe, Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen coating has you covered

Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen paint has obvious applications in South Africa’s healthcare sector because it contains a multitude of properties designed for environments where infection control and antimicrobial performance are essential. This makes it ideal for hospitals and clinics, doctors’ surgeries and nursing homes – even veterinary clinics.

Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen uses BIODEFENCE™ silver technology, which actively inhibits microbial growth between cleanings, promotes a more hygienic environment, and helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination via painted surfaces. Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen provides proven protection against harmful bacteria, and eliminates up to 99,9% of E. coli.

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But it’s not just the healthcare sector that stands to benefit from the application of Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen. The food industry is another environment in which protection against pathogens such as bacteria is critical. That’s why industrial kitchens, catering establishments, abattoirs and food preparation areas in hotels and restaurants have to be so careful about hygiene – and why these are precisely the kinds of environments that will benefit from Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen, which is low in volatile organise compounds (VOCs), withstands repeated cleaning cycles, and maintains its antibacterial effectiveness for its full lifetime.

The wine industry in particular has to be certain of cellar hygiene and fermentation management in order to avoid the evolution of off-flavours in wine and to help ensure the production of excellent quality wines. So it speaks volumes for Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen that it boasts the highly reputable Thalès Services certification, which means that it has been tested and proven as safe for use in a wine environment. Thalès Services, which offers a holistic approach to wine-cellar hygiene, partners with the Institute for Wine Biotechnology (IWBT) at
Stellenbosch University to provide the wine and cork industries of South Africa with specialised analytical services as part of quality control.

So whether you’re in the health services, running a commercial winery, or in the catering industry, Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen is the coating of choice to help promote a hygienic environment. It is available in a white and a pastel tint base, and offers ease of application and good hiding, and excellent washability and stain resistance. It is suitable for correctly primed interiors, new and previously painted plaster, concrete, porous brickwork and various types of building boards.

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