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Plascon’s 2-in-1 High Performance Enamel Coating for Metal

For over a century, Plascon has been constantly reinventing its products to ensure that customers’ needs are met. The past 128 years have been filled with exciting innovations and the most up-to-date technologies, so it was no surprise when Plascon announced its addition to an already extensive range of industrial applications.

 In a world where efficiency is paramount and quality cannot be compromised, customers can trust Plascon to optimise the process of coatings application and this new industrial product is no exception. Sprintcote is a cleverly formulated, high performance metal coating that acts as both a primer and topcoat – saving users time and money, without compromising on quality. The quick-drying, direct-to-metal formula can be effortlessly applied to machinery, pumps, cylinders and motors – with the result being a first-class, high-gloss finish. Plascon has expertly developed this premium product to streamline production processes and meet the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), engineers, contractors and operational managers alike.

Metal Primer Sprintcote_25L -FT copy_1 Sprintcote Direct-to-Metal_Enamel LPG10 Osbourne Beige_5L -FT copy_1

Sprintcote has been specially designed for easy application using a spray-on technique. Both the method of application and the coating’s high film build ensure excellent and consistent coverage over the entire surface. Sprintcote colours can also be customised via ProChroma 2 – a tinting technology that uses 50% less toner than before, offering improved opacity, and reduces the overall waiting time for products to be dispensed. ProChroma 2 offers across-the-range tinting capabilities, with its new, improved technology, and ensures that the end product is exactly what was envisioned.

 One coat of Sprintcote has the same durability and longevity as the traditional ‘primer and top-coat’ system, ensuring that customers enjoy top-notch Plascon quality that they’re used to, while lowering costs and saving time. With the latest technology in both product and product application techniques, customers can trust that Sprintcote will exceed industry standards in protective metal coatings.