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Touch me, feel me – trends in surfacing solutions


Textural surfaces, particularly walls and floors, will play a special role in interior design in 2020, says Creative Director Anita Bloom, author of the Decorex Africa Trend Report 2020 – the definitive guide to what’s in vogue.

As our longing for a more tactile, less technologically invasive world grows, we’ll gravitate towards a cosier design aesthetic. This is the message delivered by Anita Bloom, Creative Director of Decorex Africa and 100% Design South Africa, in the latest Decorex Africa Trend Report 2020 – the authoritative guide to décor, interior design and lifestyle trends.

The New Nordic and Contemporary Organic design styles that are likely to be in vogue next year move away from the high-gloss finishes of clinical Scandi design and adopt more textural elements in the home. These include lime-washed walls, micro-cement, wooden floors with an irregular grain, worn leather and stone.

“Surfaces that fade into the background will have little appeal – we anticipate a proliferation of 3D wallpapers, 3D-effect glass and wavy surfaces that will make our living spaces more visually interesting,” says Bloom. “Marble cladding will also be popular – marble art is making a comeback, with either statement pieces or accents expected to cause a stir.” Bloom further reveals that mini and maxi tiles will also be hugely popular: either very small or very large coloured tiles that create original patterns. Terrazzo tiles will shine in our countertops and terracotta will be used for built-in shelves.

Decorated wallpapers and murals are also making a comeback. “As we gravitate towards a more natural environment, where ultra-modern design is tempered with softer touches, we’ll fall in love with Chinoiserie all over again,” predicts Bloom. “This Western style of decorative art draws on Chinese motifs and techniques – look for small floral patterns in contemporary-style settings.”

Finally, painted floors will be a key focus. Paint is an original way to renovate wooden flooring, so expect to see bold colours with geometric or mosaic patterns.

When we’re not showing off our redone floors, we’ll opt for textured carpets, rugs and wall hangings. “Plush textile art is a micro-trend worth watching, with the tactile handmade element inviting guests to touch and feel decorative items,” says Bloom. “Fabrics like mohair, wool, linen and velvet, will appeal to our senses and create a cosy, playful home environment.”


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